Fine Woodblock Carving

About the artist


Sue PaparistoSue finds most of her inspiration from nature.  Many of her art works are renderings of places she has lived in, visited or products of her imagination. She also uses her childhood memories to trigger her creativity.  Her work exhibits a unique vision and interpretation of everyday world.


Sue is a resident of Carlsbad, CA, and a graduate of California Design College (currently Art Institutes of Los Angeles).  Her interests range from fashion design to fine art, and over the last several years her creative interests have converged towards woodblock carving and studying ancient Asian art techniques.


Sue is a member of the Del Mar Art Center, which features one of North County’s most frequented galleries, located in the heart of Del Mar.  She is also a member of the Sargent Art Group, a mix of artists and those who support the arts, and she regularly participates in art exhibits organized by the group.  She is also a member of Group-7 Art, a selective group of artists that exhibit their art across San Diego County.